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Conroe Assault Lawyer

Conroe Assault Lawyer

Conroe Assault Lawyer

Assault is a serious criminal charge that affects the lives of people around the world. While every state classifies assault and its varying offenses differently, it’s important to know that Texas law takes assault charges seriously. This means that if you are ultimately convicted, you can face harsh legal consequences, such as hefty fines or even jail time.

Unfortunately, many assault cases are filed based on false information, faulty memory, or a biased side of the story. Because of this, there have been a large number of assault claims based on poor evidence, which still hold the potential to negatively impact the defendant’s life if they are convicted. If you’re facing potential assault charges in Conroe, TX see how our team at the Law Office of Joseph Ruiz, PLLC, can assist you today.

Conroe Defense Representation That You Can Count On

When it comes to facing criminal charges in Texas, it’s essential that you find an experienced criminal defense lawyer who is willing to fight for you. At the Law Office of Joseph Ruiz, PLLC, our firm is dedicated to providing compassionate, proficient legal representation for every case that we take on. With experience in hundreds of different criminal cases, we have helped countless clients battle criminal charges and fight for the best outcome possible. If you are being accused of assault in Conroe, Texas, don’t delay seeking assistance from our experienced team.

How Is Assault Defined in Texas?

According to Texas state law, assault is defined as the act of any of the following:

  • Recklessly, intentionally, or knowingly causing physical injury to another individual
  • Knowingly or deliberately threatening physical injury to another individual
  • Intentionally using provocative or offensive actions knowing the other individual can be harmed by them

Different Types of Assault Charges in Texas

Assault can come in a variety of forms, depending on the actions that occurred and the relationship between the victim and the defendant. Because assault is a wobbler charge, it can be classified as a misdemeanor or a felony, depending on how serious the situation is. The most common types of assault charges you’ll come across in Texas include the following:

Simple Assault: Simple assault is the most basic assault charge and occurs when the defendant intentionally or recklessly causes physical injury to another individual or threatens physical injury to another individual. Simple assault charges can also include cases where the victim wasn’t caused any physical injury but was threatened, scared, or offended by the intentional actions of another person.

Aggravated Assault: Aggravated assault occurs when the defendant uses a deadly weapon to cause serious physical injury, such as broken bones, severe lacerations, and even disabilities, to the victim. It can also be considered aggravated assault if a deadly weapon was shown, used, or brandished to threaten the victim.

Assault Against a Family Member (Family Violence): Assault against a family member is a form of domestic violence. It includes the violent acts or threats of violent acts from the defendant against the family or household members.

Assault Against a Public Servant: When an assault takes place against a public servant, emergency worker, law officer, judge, etc., it takes on even more weight and becomes a felony charge. For it to be considered assault, the defendant must deliberately or recklessly cause physical injury or threaten it.

Why You Need a Defense Lawyer in Conroe, TX

Every individual has the right to legal representation when facing criminal charges. If you’re going up against a potential assault conviction in Texas, having a knowledgeable attorney to assist you is vital. Our team at the Law Office of Joseph Ruiz, PLLC, is more than familiar with how criminal cases work and the legal proceedings that come along with them. With our experience and knowledge of the law, we can help to navigate you through your case while providing you with expert legal advice along the way.

In addition to helping you through the process, we’ll also work to gather evidence with you and create the strongest defense possible for your trial. We’ll use our negotiation skills to represent you and defend your rights, all while making sure we fight for the best outcome for your case. When it comes to a criminal charge, don’t settle for anything less than high-quality legal representation that you can trust.


Q: What Is Considered a Deadly Weapon in Texas?

A: A deadly weapon is defined as any weapon or piece of equipment designed to cause severe injury or death or having the ability to cause severe injury or death. This could include firearms, knives, axes, baseball bats, and more.

Q: Is Aggravated Assault a Felony?

A: Aggravated assault, or assault with a deadly weapon, is a second-degree felony in most cases in Texas. This means that if you’re convicted, you can face fines up to $10,000 as well as prison time anywhere from 2 to 20 years.

Q: Can Assault Charges Be Dropped in Texas?

A: Texas follows a “no-drop” policy that gives the ultimate decision of whether or not a case will be prosecuted to the state. It is possible to have assault charges dropped in Texas, but only if the state decides to do so, not the victim.

Q: Is Simple Assault a Misdemeanor or a Felony in Texas?

A: Simple assault is most commonly charged as a misdemeanor in either Class A, B, or C, depending on the severity of the case. Consequences can include jail time for up to a year as well as fines of up to $4,000 if the defendant is convicted.

Conroe, Texas Assault Defense Lawyer

No matter what type of charge you’re facing or how severe it may be, our team at the Law Office of Joseph Ruiz, PLLC, is prepared to work through it with you. We understand just how frightening a criminal charge can be, which is why we’re committed to providing you with the best possible representation throughout your case. Assault charges are not only intimidating, but they can result in hefty penalties if you are convicted. Don’t wait to see how our experienced team may be able to help you and your Conroe assault case today. To learn more about our different legal representation services or our firm, contact us today for more information.

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