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Texas Crime Rate by City 2024

Texas has a population of over 29 million residents, almost 300,000 square miles of land, and is easily one of the largest states in all of the U.S. Because of its size and location; there are thousands of cities across the state that allow residents to spread across the fluctuating environments. This also means that the surroundings, the people, and the culture can greatly change as you travel throughout Texas.

As more and more people decide to visit and move to the Lone Star State, it’s important to learn about the different cities in Texas, their unique characteristics, and their safety levels, too.

Here’s everything you might need to know about the current crime rates in Texas and some of the safest cities to visit.

Texas Cities with the Highest Crime Rates

While crime rates can change every day, as 2022 comes to an end, the Texas cities that have some of the highest crime rates include:

  1. Houston
  2. Humble
  3. Bellmead
  4. Palmview
  5. Lubbock
  6. Beaumont
  7. Texarkana
  8. Dallas
  9. Amarillo
  10. Livingston

Texas Cities with Lowest Crime Rates

According to a culmination of census and crime data, some of the safest Texas cities for 2024 include:

  1. Fulshear
  2. Trophy Club
  3. Hutto
  4. Colleyville
  5. Memorial Villages
  6. Fairview
  7. Elgin
  8. Highland Village
  9. Fate
  10. Sachse

Top 5 Cities with High Crime Rates

  1. Bellmead
    Bellmead is a city located slightly northeast of Waco, Texas, and has had an increasingly violent crime rate that is about to reach 11 in 1,000 people. This city also has some of the highest property crime rates in the state, sitting at about 111 per 1,000 people. With a population not even reaching 11,000 residents, Bellmead’s crime rates are much higher than other small cities of similar size. While it’s a relatively quiet city, residents face a 1 in 10 chance of being the victim of a property crime every day.
  2. Humble
    Located in metro Houston, Humble’s violent crime rate currently sits at about 10 per 1,000 people, and it has a high property crime rate of about 82 per 1,000 people. While it was originally a boomtown for oil back in the early 1900s, Humble has turned into a smaller city, with its main attraction being the Houston airport. Humble’s population is just about 17,000 residents, and it also has much higher violent and property crime rates than other cities of similar populations.
  3. Houston
    Houston is the largest city in the state of Texas. As commonly seen with most big cities with large amounts of residents, more people often result in more crime. From 2017-2021, Houston saw an almost 11% increase in violent crimes alone. Currently, Houston’s violent crime rate is sitting at about 13 per 1,0000 people, with a property crime rate of about 43 per 1,000 people. While it may have a bit of a higher crime rate, Houston is well-known for its unique culture, and the warmhearted environment created there.
  4. Beaumont
    Beaumont is a city that sits on the coast in the southeastern part of the state. With a population of 112,000 residents, the city has a violent crime rate of 12.5 per 1,000 people and a property crime rate of 33 in 1,0000 people. Beaumont is ranked one of the top cities for violent crimes per capita, which is why so many people view it as unsafe. Its crime rates are similar to Houston, but with almost 2 million fewer residents.
  5. Lubbock
    Lubbock, sometimes called the “Hub City,” is a town located in northern Texas with a population of around 260,000. It’s well-known for its educational and healthcare aspects that people from around the area gather to use. The city’s violent crime rate is around 11 per 1,000 people, and its property crime is much higher at about 42 per 1,000 people. While it is pretty quiet and comparatively less dangerous than cities like Bellmead, it’s still important to be wary, especially of property crime.

FAQs About Texas Crime Rate by City

What Texas City Has the Highest Violent Crime Rate in 2022?

Technically speaking, Houston has the highest violent crime rate of about 13 per 1,000 people. However, Bellmead has the highest amount of violent crime per resident, as they only have 11,000 residents and have similar violent crime rates as Houston (at 11 in 1,000 people).

Is Texas a Dangerous State to Live In?

No. Just like any other state or city, its residents and its crime rates vary from place to place. There are a multitude of different areas in Texas that make a great home for families, seniors, young adults, and more, not to mention the vibrant culture the state holds overall.

What Is Considered Property Crime?

Texas law defines property crime as intentionally damaging, destroying, or tampering with another person’s property, which ultimately results in the loss of the property or a consequential inconvenience for the owner of it. Common property crimes include breaking into cars, stealing items or equipment from cars, shoplifting, burglary, or other kinds of theft, arson, and more.

What Is Considered a Violent Crime?

Violent crimes include offenses that cause serious physical injury or involve direct, threatening contact between the victim and the perpetrator. Common violent crimes include robbery, aggravated assault, manslaughter, murder, kidnapping, and more.

What Texas City Is the Safest to Live In?

Crime rates are just one of the main details to take into consideration when deciding where the best place for you to live is in Texas. However, if you’re just basing your decision on violent and property crime rates, you’ll most likely want to look at cities such as Fulshear, Trophy Club, and Hutto.

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