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Conroe, TX Crime Rate and Statistics [2024 Updated]

According to information gathered from the FBI and AreaVibes, the crime rate in Conroe, Texas, is 1% higher than the national average as of late 2023. The small city of Conroe rests just north of Houston, with a population hovering around 101,000 people. Some citizens say that Conroe is virtually crime-free, and they feel safe all the time. What is the Conroe, TX crime rate? A knowledgeable Conroe criminal lawyer could help you unravel this information.

How Does Conroe Compare to Other Texas Cities?

The crime rates in Conroe are either above or below the national average, depending on the specific crime being analyzed. According to Niche, the numbers vary:

  • Assault – The national average of reported assaults is around 282 per 100,000 people, while the Conroe average is 220, marking a 62-point drop. The reported average of assaults in Texas is 304, which is slightly higher than the national average.
  • Murder – The national average murder rate per 100,000 people is between 6.1 and 6.3, depending on your source. The Conroe average murder rate is 3, half of the national average. The reported murder rate in Texas alone is 6.7, a bit above the national average.
  • Rape – The national average for reported instances of rape is around 40 per 100,000 people. The average in Conroe is around 59, 19 points higher than the national average. The number of reported instances of rape in Texas is 50, meaning that Conroe has an above-average number of reported rapes per 100,000 people when compared to both the United States and Texas averages.
  • Robbery – The national average of reported robberies per 100,000 people ranges from 66 to 135, depending on sources and what is being reported. The average number in Conroe hovers around 35.5, considerably less than the national average. The number of reported robberies in Texas is around 70, meaning Conroe’s robbery rate is half the state average.
  • Auto Theft – The national average of reported vehicle thefts ranges from 282 to 284 per 100,000 people. The vehicle theft average in Conroe is 218, a significant drop from the national average. For just Texas alone, that number jumps to 331, significantly higher than the national average and almost 100 points higher than Conroe.
  • Burglary – The national average of reported burglaries per 100,000 people ranges from 269 to 500, depending on the source and how many are being reported. The burglary average for Conroe is 228, less than the national average. The number of reported burglaries for Texas is 334, a large jump from Conroe’s average.
  • Violent Crime – The total violent crime rate in the United States hovers around 370 per 100,000 people with the most recent numbers. The violent crime rate in Conroe is 318, a significant drop from the national average. The violent crime rate in Texas is 432, a big leap from the national average.

All of these numbers show how Conroe’s crime rates compare with those of the United States and of the state of Texas. Largely, Conroe’s crime rates are lower, aside from Conroe’s unusually high reported instances of rape. Law enforcement is apparently aware of this uptick and is doing what it can to monitor crime trends across the city. If you are involved in a violent crime in Conroe, you may want to consult with a lawyer.


Q: Is Conroe, Texas a Good Place to Live?

A: According to many homeowners, Conroe, TX, is a good place to live. The cost of living in Conroe is below the national average, meaning your dollar stretches farther by about 5%. For the most part, the crime rate is significantly below average. The roads are well-maintained, and Conroe has a number of exciting restaurants and breweries in which to unwind. Most people agree that Conroe is a decent town with good people and a safe vibe.

Q: What City Has the Number One Crime Rate in Texas?

A: According to Express Legal Funding, the city with the highest crime rate in Texas is Lubbock. The violent crime rate in Lubbock as of February 2024 is 11.18 per 1,000 people. The property crime rate in Lubbock is 45 per 1,000 people. The city’s significant surge in crime can be at least partially attributed to the city’s ongoing issues with methamphetamine production and high rates of substance abuse.

Q: Is Conroe’s School District Good?

A: Conroe Independent School District (ISD) is a good school district. It ranks 2nd in the state of Texas for academic performance. The district has a 96.4% graduation rate, is the largest employer in Montgomery County, and was voted one of the top places to work by the Houston Chronicle in 2021. They are devoted to educating the children and teenagers of Conroe and preparing them for their respective futures.

Q: Where Does Texas Rank in Murders?

A: According to information gathered by World Population Review, Texas ranks 21st in its statewide murder rate, while the state that currently holds the highest murder rate is Mississippi, which keeps swapping places with Louisiana. However, Texas is starting to see a bit of a rise in gun-related homicides in recent years, particularly in mass shootings. This increase, however, is not only attributed to Texas but is currently being seen nationwide.

A Conroe Criminal Lawyer Can Help You

Conroe, Texas, is a quiet little burg with a populace that is doing what they can to keep their city safe and secure. Its violent crime rates are considerably lower than both the national average and the Texas average. It’s a nice place to live, but it’s got its hiccups like every other major city in the country.

Conroe is not infallible, and neither are its citizens. If you have been involved in a crime in the Conroe area, reach out to The Law Office of Joseph Ruiz, PLLC, today. We represent many clients in the Conroe area as well as the surrounding communities. We are prepared to help you build your defense. Contact us to schedule a consultation as soon as you can.

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