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Angleton Assault Lawyer

Angleton Assault Lawyer

Angleton Assault Lawyer

Angleton Assault Attorney

If you are arrested for assault in Angleton, you are being charged with threatening to cause serious harm to another party. Whether or not any physical contact actually occurred, you can still be found guilty of the crime and have to face harsh consequences. If you are being charged with assault in Angleton, you need to reach out to an Angleton assault lawyer as soon as possible.

What to Do If You Are Charged With Assault in Angleton?

Often confused with battery, assault is a distinct criminal offense that involves threatening to cause physical harm to another person. If you are accused of this crime, you should not speak about your case with anyone unless you have hired a lawyer to represent you. It is vital that you have a criminal defense attorney review all of the facts of your case, as every case of assault is unique, and your lawyer can determine how to develop a defense strategy that is right for you.

What Is the Punishment for Assault in Angleton?

The punishments you will have to face if you are convicted of assault will depend on the specific facts of your case. After reviewing your situation, your assault attorney can help you understand what to expect in terms of potential punishments. Depending on how severe your case is, it will be classified and punished as a Class A, B, or C misdemeanor or a first-, second-, or third-degree felony.

Class A Misdemeanor

If you are charged with a class A misdemeanor assault in Angleton, TX, then you are being charged with having physical contact. This is the most severe type of misdemeanor charge, and you can end up having to spend a year in jail and pay up to $4,000.

Class B Misdemeanor

If you are charged with assault that did not result in any significant bodily injury, then you might be looking at a Class B misdemeanor charge. The context of your case will determine the difference between Class B and C. For instance, Class B often involves assault against people who participate in sporting or other competitive events. A Class B conviction can result in jail time of 180 days and fines of up to $2,000.

Class C Misdemeanor

If your assault charge is classified as a Class C Misdemeanor in the eyes of the Texas court, then you will likely face fines of up to $500.

First-Degree Felony

Cases of assault are typically classified as first-degree felonies when there are aggravated factors involved. For instance, if there was intense bodily harm to the person who was assaulted or if there was a weapon involved, then you might face a first-degree felony charge. If you are convicted of a first-degree felony, you could face anywhere from five years to life in prison.

Second-Degree Felony

A second-degree felony charge depends on factors like your previous criminal record. For instance, if you have been convicted of felonies in the past, then an assault charge that would not have otherwise been classified as this severe might be considered a second-degree felony. If you are found guilty of a second-degree felony in Angleton, then you could be looking at fines of thousands of dollars and two decades in prison.

Third-Degree Felony

If you are found guilty of an assault on a public servant, government worker, security officer, or another protected profession, then you can be charged with a third-degree felony. The consequences for this can include a decade in prison and fines of up to $10,000.

Angleton Assault FAQs

Q: What Is the Difference Between Assault and Battery in TX?

A: If you are charged with assault, you are being charged with threatening to cause someone harm. If you are being charged with battery, you are charged with causing them physical harm. Both are serious criminal offenses, and you will need the help of an informed criminal defense attorney to support you if you are accused of either one.

Q: What Is the Cost of an Assault Attorney in TX?

A: While cost is an important factor to consider when you are hiring an attorney, you should expect that the amount you pay for legal support will vary depending on the factors of your case. Every person’s assault case is unique, and your lawyer will have to put a different amount of time and resources into each one. When you consult with your lawyer for the first time, you can develop a more precise sense of what you will have to pay.

Q: Is Assault a Felony in TX?

A: Whether or not you will be charged with a felony for assault in the state of Texas will depend on the severity of your situation. For instance, if a public servant or security officer was threatened, a weapon was involved, and/or bodily injury was caused to the involved party, you could be looking at a felony charge.

Q: What Are the Consequences of Assault in Texas?

A: If you are found guilty of assault in Texas, the consequences you can expect to face will depend on the factors involved in your situation. For instance, if there are aggravating factors involved, such as violence, sex offenses, and more, you could face a felony charge, which leads to several years in prison. However, if there are no aggravating factors and the case is not too severe, you could face a misdemeanor charge, with penalties like a fine of $500.

A Reliable Angleton Assault Attorney in Your Corner

If you are in need of support against assault charges in Angleton, do not waste any time. It is important that you have an attorney collecting evidence for your case and working on a strong argument. Your lawyer can also negotiate with other involved parties to attempt to minimize your sentence.

Joseph Ruiz has nearly two decades of experience standing up for the rights of Texans, and he can take the time to review your case today. Contact the Law Office of Joseph Ruiz, PLLC, for your consultation today, and we can get started building your solid defense.

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