CDL Traffic Ticket Defense

Often times, when the holder a commercial driver’s license (CDL) is charged with a moving violation, they hire the cheapest lawyer they can find to defend them in court.  Remember that a traffic ticket issued to a CDL holder is a direct attack on that person’s livelihood.  Texas has a points system that can eventually lead to your CDL being suspended, and CDL holders cannot accept deferred adjudication or take defensive driving to avoid a conviction under Texas law.  Never just pay the fine to “get it over with.”  Entrust your future ability to earn a living with your CDL to a lawyer that will provide personalized service and will go to trial to fight for you if necessary.  Over the years, we’ve helped hundreds of CDLs obtain dismissals and have secured countless not guilty verdicts from juries for traffic charges ranging from speeding to failure to control speed causing accidents, and everything in between.

Call a CDL traffic ticket lawyer today to take a strong first step toward protecting your license.